Advancing Sustainability: Crooked Creek Water Reclamation Facility Project by Willmer Engineering

Gwinnett County’s Water and Wastewater Master Plan is the planning guide for the next 50 years and requires that the Crooked Creek Water Reclamation Facility (WRF) upgrade structures and processes to meet stricter state and federal regulations.

The WRF facility currently has a capacity of 16 million gallons per day (GPD) and will be expanded to treat up to 25 GPD by 2020.

The $21.4 million in improvements at the Crooked Creek WRF will improve handling of wastewater flows and allow it to treat wastewater in accordance with Georgia water quality standards. The proposed improvements are a below grade biological nutrient removal basin (BNRB), secondary clarifiers, UV disinfection building, main electrical building with generators, odor control building, a process building, and a solids handling building.

Willmer provided several geotechnical explorations defining subsurface conditions on land and within an existing large lagoon currently used to manage storm water overflow. Recommendations were provided for the BNRB for excavation bracing, mat design and soil anchors to resist buoyancy, mat foundations and anchors for the secondary clarifiers, filling of the pond area, surcharging and foundation support on auger cast piles and shallow spread footings.

Willmer also provided a hazardous materials assessment of all structures to be demolished, consisting of asbestos surveys, analyses of paint coatings for all piping, general hazardous waste including light ballasts, and analyses of all concrete to be recycled.

During construction, special inspections were provided for all earthwork, surcharging, and foundations consisting of auger cast piles, vibropiers, and spread footings.


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